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How to Create an Epic Lifestyle and Naturally Attract the Women YOU want most - Magnetically

Just imagine, what would your life look like if you could attract & connect with the women you want most without saying a single word? If the women you are most attracted too, just happen to be magnetically drawn to you?

Imagine the feelings and experiences you will have when having beautiful women in your life is just a way of living and part of your everyday lifestyle

How would it feel?    It would feel, and be, pretty f**king amazing Right?!! 

Well, what if I told you this is possible for you; and I can help YOU. A lifestyle where all of your dreams and fantasies become reality for you.

No lines, no routines, no manipulating techniques.

Read through the questions below… if you answer YES to any of these questions – I am confident that I can help you! 

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  • Feel unhappy or satisfied with your dating life?
  • Get sick of being SHOT DOWN by women?
  • Have any anxiety around the women that are attracted to?
  • Get sick of pick-up gurus using unnatural or even supposedly “natural” techniques and routines?
  • Want a girlfriend but just can’t seem to get one?
  • Get sick of DOUBTING YOURSELF constantly when it comes to women?
  • Have shame or guilt with your sexuality and women – that you can’t get rid of?
  • Feel like you want to get married but can even get a girlfriend?
  • Do just “OK” with women but want to get better and DESIRE MORE CHOICE with beautiful women?
  • Want to DATE MULTIPLE WOMEN without hurting women and without being dishonest?
  • Feel any frustration or ANGER TOWARDS WOMEN, feeling like you got the short end of the stick?
  • Have hang ups about your LOOKS, AGE, WEIGHT, RACE and feel they are holding you back with women? (This doesn’t really matter by the way, I’ll show you how & why in the program)
  • Get tired of ending up with girls you really don’t like?
  • Feel like you don’t know what to do with dating women because you just out of a RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE?
  • Tire of being a nice guy and want to be more SEXUAL AND DOMINANT?
  • FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE being noticed by women, especially the ones you want?
  • Get sick and tired of being ALONE?
  • Feel like you will never get this part of your life handled?

“I’ve met rock stars, movie stars, pick-up artists, men of all types, and there simply is no one in Cory’s league.” ~SM, Miami


“Cory Skyy is the only man who can teach you how to get women to come to you.”

~Allen, Los Angeles 

“I spent most of my twenties as a typical computer geek. My days consisted of playing video games and watching TV to pass the time. I convinced myself that I was happy with this life, but I was fooling myself. I knew something was missing.  Never in a million years would I have thought that someone out there could teach this stuff, but I found him. Not to sound too dramatic, but Joe aka Cory Skyy literally changed the way I looked at the world; or rather, he brought out the natural man inside of me. I became more confident and more of a leader, and I also developed a self-respect for myself that I had never had before”.   ~ Chris, San Jose CA


“The way I was before compared to now is like night and day. I have changed everything about me.  It is extremely liberating knowing who you are as a man, having the freedom to be who you are and live on your terms, and most of all, being free from your past, and trust me, I had a pretty messed up past. If you want more women in your life and want a better social life then this is for sure the process that will get you there. Being the best man that you can be and having abundance and choice in your life is what you want and it starts with making a commitment to yourself. I can’t wait for more guys to join us in this journey”. ~Larry Marshal, Chicago IL

A lot has clicked through working with Joe, and it’s true – there simply isn’t anything else out there like this. Believe me, I’ve looked. I’ve studied eastern religion for a while now, and the only way I can describe Joe’s teaching style is as if Buddha had a kick-ass sex life. As for my experience, it naturally makes the biggest difference to talk to someone who’s mastered an area you want to work on. It’s funny though, because unlike learning an instrument or something like that, this translates literally to all areas of life. The effects- I’ve become extremely genuine and real with people in general. I’ve also become completely clear on what I want and who I want to be. If I ever used to doubt the process, I don’t now. I’ve changed in a way that’s unexplainable in words.-Thanks man,

~Alexander, Austin Texas 


Enter your email address above for instant access to this free video. We respect your privacy and your information will never be shared.